Akiba’s Beat – Disponibili nuove immagini e dettagli sulle battaglie, Imagine Mode, Trading Card e altro

Acquire ha diffuso nelle ultime ore nuovissimi dettagli per quanto riguarda Akiba’s Beat, prossimo capitolo della serie action. Lo sviluppatore del gioco ci ha parlato del sistema di Trading Card, le Maid senza tralasciare i combattimenti e i poteri dell’Imagine Mode.

■ Battle Basics

In battle, you can have a maximum of four party members. You won’t battle by entering commands, instead you’ll fight using the cursor keys in combination with the attack button to unleash a variety of actions.

Hit Points (HP)

When your HP becomes zero, you can no longer take any action. Other party members may use skills or items to revive you.

Skill Points (SP)

When your SP becomes zero, you can no longer use skills (physical or magical). You can recover SP through standard attacks, skill, or items.

Action Points (AP)

When your AP becomes zero, you can no longer take actions such as attacking. Yoru AP will automatically recover.

Imagine Gauge

The Imagine Gauge moves between five stages with the Pasopon Parts required to trigger Imagine Mode.

■ Imagine Mode

By successfully attacking enemies and unlocking the Imagine Gauge, you can trigger “Imagine Mode,” which lets you perform actions without consuming AP or getting knocked back.

During Imagine Mode, the user’s performance is greatly enhanced. Additionally, when triggered in a certain state, a headphone cut-in unique toAkiba’s Beat will be displayed. Look forward to more details on this feature in a followup report.

■ Trading Card System

In Akihabara, you can buy equippable “Trading Cards,” which when equipped allow you to use that card’s “Two Title Skills.”

The Trading Cards are part of the in-game work “Vanishing Fantasy” and in total there are over 100 kinds plus alpha cards.

Two Title Skill Example

  • “Pure-Blooded” – SP consumption is halved.
  • “Spirit King” – The effects of recovery magic are doubled.

■ Maid System

The “Maid System” is used both in and out of battle as a system where the game’s maid characters support the playable characters as a fifth ally. On the field, they’ll support you through navigation of city facilities and dungeon conditions, and in battle by telling you about enemies and alerting you when your allies are in a pinch. Additionally, in certain conditions they can trigger effects that will help you out in battle.

(Pinkun will act as a Maid System character. There are other maid characters still to be announced.)

Akiba’s Beat sarà disponibile su PlayStation 4PlayStation Vita nel periodo finale dell’anno.

Via: Gematsu