Akiba’s Beat – Primi dettagli e immagini del gioco per PS4 e PS Vita

Due giorni fa XSEED Games ha annunciato ufficialmente che Akiba’s Beat, nuovo capitolo della famosa serie action RPG, sarà commercializzato anche in Occidente su PlayStation 4PlayStation Vita. Il publisher nelle ultime ore ha rilasciato i primi dettagli e immagini di questo titolo che potete trovare di seguito:

■ World


The setting of the story is Akihabara, reproduced in HD quality. The elaborate cityscape of Akiba’s Trip has evolved even further!

Delusions are Eroding Akihabara

A delusion that suddenly erodes Akihabara. The story begins in this city where delusion collides with reality.

“Repeating Sunday”

Akihabara has been distorted by delusions. However, this change is not merely for form’s sake, but daily life itself has been affected. The protagonist Asahi and company get trapped in an eternally “Repeating Sunday.”

Pink-Cloaked Man

In the Akihabara eroded by delusions, a mysterious “Pink-Cloaked Man” appears on countless occasions. While said to be involved in a number of incidents, his identity is shrouded in mystery.

■ Characters

Asahi Tachibana

19 years old. A NEET. The protagonist of this game. Even though he moved to Tokyo to pursue college, he dropped out. Since then, he has been enjoying the NEET life in Akihabara. But one day, he encounters an “eroded delusion”…

Saki Hoshino

18 years old. She just moved to Akihabara to attend a vocational school. Since before she met Asahi, she worked together with Pinkun, her familiar, to remove the eroded delusions and protect the world.


A mysterious, ugly-cute creature that works together with Saki. It mistakenly considers itself a pretty and cute mascot.

Riyu Momose

14 years old. An idol known by her fans as Rippyon. Her idol activity is based in Akihabara, where she does mini concerts and meet-and-greets. However, she also encounters the eroded delusion..

Yamato Hongo

16 years old. A high school boy who looks like a middle school student. He’s a teen who puts on a cool air and says he doesn’t have any interest in Akihabara culture. However, he sees Akihabara eroded by delusion before his own eyes.

■ Delusion Palaces

Delusions Embodied as Labyrinths

“Delusion Palaces” are born from delusions and act as the stage for battle. Together, Asahi and company will conquer these labyrinths and aim at its mysteries.


In the Delusion Palace live monsters born of delusions. In these labyrinths that bare fangs, Asahi and company must make the best use of their weapons and skills to stand against these monsters.


Equipping your headphones during battle changes the Battle Mode and expands the level of strategy.

Akiba’s Beat è attualmente atteso per quest’inverno sulle due console Sony.

Via: Gematsu