Musou Stars – Dettagli e immagini per Ishida Mitsunari, Wang Yuanji, Horo, Tamaki, Shiki, e Setsuna

Koei Tecmo ha pubblicato finalmente una nuova serie d’informazioni per Musou Stars per quanto riguarda i personaggi che saranno presenti in questo gioco. Infatti, alcuni giorni fa sono stati annunciati Ishida Mitsunari di Samurai Warriors,Wang Yuanji da Dynasty WarriorsHodo di Toukiden e i personaggi originali Tamaki, Shiki e Setsuna.

■ Characters

Ishida Mitsunari from Samurai Warriors (voiced by Eiji Takemoto)

One of Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s retainers, he is highly resourceful and possesses a very logical mind. He has a very high opinion of himself, and his rational and ideal way of thinking tend to cause people to consider him arrogant and awkward. As such, it is easy for him to make enemies, but those that can look past that see the passionate side of him from time to time. (via)

Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors (voiced by Kanae Ito)

Daughter of the Wei minister Wang Su. From her youth, she shows both intelligence and courage. She is extremely polite and kind to people weaker than she. But to those she considers family, she speaks her mind without holding back. (via)

Horo from Toukiden (voiced by Haruka Terui)

An amnesiac whose background is shrouded in intrigue. Appearing suddenly in Utakata Village, she fights alongside the Slayers based there. Wielding an enormous rifle with the greatest of ease, she coolly wages war with the Oni. Lacking in common sense, her bizarre behavior triggers a series of remarkable incidents in Utakata Village. (via)

Tamaki (voiced by ???)

A girl prophesied to become the next ruler. Using the last of the fountain’s remaining power, she summoned heroes to another world. Since she was raised with care in a royal palace, she is calm and polite. Worried about the collapsing world, she wants to do whatever she can to help.

Shiki (voiced by ???)

The son of the former king. Tamaki’s older brother. Although he appears graceful, like a young noble, he rarely changes his expression, always keeping cool. He hinders the actions of Tamaki and Setsuna, who are aiming to become the next ruler, and mercilessly battles regardless of whether or not they’re family, but his true intentions are shrouded in mystery.

Setsuna (voiced by ???)

The son of the long-reigning former king who passed. Tamaki and Shiki’s cousin, raised alongside them like siblings. He is easily riled up and not good at remaining still. Since he was very young when his father died, he was unable to to succeed the throne, but when the world is in a crisis, he stands before Tamaki as the true heir to the throne.

■ Battle System

Musou Fever


Musou Fever is a special move that invokes a festival-like, reaching-your-limits feeling. It is a cooperative action where your party members appear one after the other to support the player. Party members will not only inspire players with their catchy phrases and actions, they will also unleash a support attack. When a Musou Fever ends, all party members will appear on the screen and unleash an action that clean sweeps the surrounding enemies.

Hero Skills


Each character possesses three types of Hero Skills. These skills, techniques that possess the traits of each character and their representative works, will help the player. Since characters that appear as enemies can also use Hero Skills, making use of your own skills is important.

■ World Map


In Musou Stars, you’ll progress through battles while moving around the world map. Various battles and events are positioned on the map. The round icon is the player. This is controlled by the player and allows them to adventure freely around the world map. Players can freely select the battles and events that appear on the map to progress through their very own adventure. Various events will occur, such as the appearance of new battles, and gathering of information and items.

■ Sanctuary


The Sanctuary is the headquarters for your characters. Here exists a miraculous “fountain” that blesses the earth and those that live on it. There is only one such Sanctuary on the world map, and you can come and go as you please. It is cherished as a holy place by those who live in this world.


Various facilities are set-up in the Sanctuary, including a “Refinery” and “Training Grounds” that supports character development and collection. At places such as the “Bar” and “Inn,” you can spend time with other characters and see a side to them you don’t normally witness, as well as build their relationship.

Musou Stars sarà disponibile in Giappone su PS VitaPlayStation 4 dal 2 marzo.

Fonte: Gematsu