Warriors All-Stars – Wang Yuanji della serie Dynasty Warriors protagonista del nuovo trailer

Se volete provare un’esperienza musou particolare e caratterizzata da un roster di personaggi tipici dei franchise di Koei Tecmo, allora Warriors All-Stars fa per voi.

Wang Yuanji di Dynasty Warriors, infatti, viene mostrata direttamente da Koei Tecmo per questo titolo sviluppato da Omega Force. All’interno di Musou Stars, titolo giapponese del gioco, avremo la possibilità di utilizzare anche personaggi come William di NiOhLu Bu di Dynasty Warriors e tanti altri.

Character focus: Wang Yuanji
Origin: “DYNASTY WARRIORS” series

Equipped with her trusty throwing daggers, Wang Yuanji joins her fellow Dynasty Warriors heroes in Warriors All-Stars!

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Warriors All-Stars tells the tale of heroes from different worlds and times summoned to a mysterious land at the brink of destruction, after a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king’s passing. The young princess, Tamaki, follows the legend passed down by her people to summon the champions and lead them to restore the spring, but her power spirals out of control and scatters them across the domain. Tamaki sets out to seek their aid in retaining the throne, but has to work fast as her rivals, Setsuna and Shiki, descendants of the royal family, also wish to claim the kingdom for themselves. This rivalry causes the heroes to split into three separate groups and forced to fight on opposing sides.

Warriors All-Stars sarà disponibile su PCPlayStation 4 dal 1 settembre.