Warriors Orochi 4 – Annunciata anche la versione PC e nuovi dettagli sul gioco

Nella giornata di ieri, grazie anche ad un’anteprima del nuovo numero di Famitsu, abbiamo appreso che Warriors Orochi 4, o Warriors Orochi 3 se parliamo del nome utilizzato in Giappone, sarà distribuito quest’anno da Koei Tecmo su PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch.

Con il passare delle ore sono comparse sulla rete nuovissime informazioni sul crossover tra Dynasty Warriors e Samurai Warriors e per la precisione parliamo della conferma della versione PC di Warriors Orochi 4 che si affiancherà a quelle console.

Di seguito, invece, abbiamo riportato altri dettagli per quanto concerne il gameplay di questo musou che ambisce a far giocare i giocatori con ben 170 personaggi:

  • A PC version of Warriors Orochi 4 will also be released, albeit at a later date than the console versions in Japan.
  • Of the 170 playable characters in Warriors Orochi 4, five are new and have still yet to be revealed. The enemy this time is Zeus. The five new characters are likely to be chosen from the Twelve Olympians such as Athena and Poseidon.
  • The new “Divine Art Action” system adds new elements such as Divine Arts and Deification.
  • Collaboration characters such as Ryu Hayabusa will not appear in the game.
  • Summary: The heroes who defeated Orochi returned to the places where they belong. All of their memories were lost. However, their worlds will once again come together. The eight bangles are the keys to return to their original worlds. And it appears that Zeus is behind it all. What is his purpose?
  • Equipping the sacred treasures enables the use of Divine Arts. These have various effects, such as attacks that round up several enemies.
  • One of the new stages is in the style of the Parthenon temple in Greece.
  • Collaboration characters will not appear in the game because the goal is to return to roots and greater depict the relationship between the Warring States and Sengoku periods.
  • Yoshitaka Murayama is supervising the game’s setting and story.
  • Orochi will be a key player this time. Orochi and True Orochi exist simultaneously. The details are still a secret.
  • Familiar controls, like Square + Square, and Square + Square + Triangle, will return.
  • By progressing through the “Deification” story, key characters will become available for use, and by meeting certain conditions during battle, their appearance and actiosn will power up.
  • The game uses a three person per group system.
  • Elements like Free Mode will be included.
  • Share multiplayer (likely meaning one Joy-Con per player) is still under consideration for the Switch version, mainly because there is a lack of buttons.
  • Warriors Orochi 4 is targeting a fall release in Japan. Development is currently 50 percent complete.

Al momento non sappiamo quando potrebbe essere rilasciato Warriors Orochi 4 in Europa.

Via: Gematsu