World of Final Fantasy – Disponibili nuove immagini e informazioni sul gioco

World of Final Fantasy, dopo il reveal fatto da Famitsu, si mostra con le prime immagini ufficiali di Square Enix che ci presentano Terra Branford di Final Fantasy VIBartz e Boco di Final Fantasy VQueen Acho e due dei Miragese presenti in questo spin-off della serie previsto per il 28 ottobre in Europa su PlayStation 4PS Vita.

■ Characters

Terra Branford (voiced by Yukari Fukui)


A summoner whose heart is connected to the summons beast Maduin. She is a woman strong at her core who doesn’t speak much, but also has a zoned out and radiant side about her.

Bartz Klauser (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi)
Boco (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)


A young man traveling with his partner Boco. He is a kind-hearted man who the protagonists suddenly encounter and will help them on their journey. Boco is Bartz’ chocobo partner.

Queen Acho (voiced by Suzuko Mimori)


Queen of penguin-esque Mirages called “Acho.” She lives in a temple at the bottom of the ocean. But is she an enemy or an ally to protagonists Lann and Reyne…?

■ Mirages



A penguin-esque Mirage. It specializes in water-based magic and counter attacks, and makes the sound “acho.” Its “Furious Bomber” attack is a counter attack triggered when it takes damage from an enemy. It deals damage to and stuns a single enemy.



A powerful Mirage, whose special move “Mega Flare” possesses the power to annihilate almost everything on the field.

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