Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Dettagli e immagini sui tipi di attacchi e il Break System

Falcom ha condiviso nuovissime informazioni sui tre tipi di attacco e il Break System di Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, prossimo episodio della nota saga action RPG con protagonista Adol il Rosso che farà il suo debutto in estate ma solo in Giappone.

■ Attack Attributes

Character weapons have three attack types: “Slash,” “Strike,” and “Shoot.” The amount of damage dealt by the weapon increases or decreases based on its compatibility with the enemy, so it’s best to switch between characters while fighting in order to deal sufficient damage to the enemy.

(1) Slash


The slash-the-enemy-with-a-sword-type attack attribute. These exhibit tremendous power against soft-bodied enemies that absorb impacts.

—Adol’s Weapon: Sword (Slash)

Fight with an orthodox fighting style with the one-handed sword. Although there are no protruding elements, its power and speed are above standard and easy to handle, allowing players to deal with various situations.

(2) Strike


An impact-the-enemy-type attack attribute. Deal a large amount of damage to the enemies with hard shell-like armor by inflicting direct blows.

—Sahad’s Weapon: Anchor (Strike)

Attack surrounding enemies with a huge anchor. On one hand, you’re liable to be left with a weak spot swinging so big, but enemies in the area will get caught in your powerful attack.

(3) Shoot


A long-reaching, long-distance-type attack attribute. Compared to Slash and Strike, its power is weaker, but allows you to aim for agile enemies such as flying types.

—Raksha’s Weapon: Rapier (Shoot)

Attack frontward enemies with high-speed thrusts with the thin rapier. The speediest of the three character weapons, it has considerable speed and focuses its attack area frontward, so this makes Raksha weak to blind spot attacks and puts her in a pinch when surrounded by enemies.

■ Break (New System)

By attacking an enemy with an attribute they’re weak to and dealing a certain amount of damage, they’ll enter a “Break” state. In the Break state, the enemy’s weakness attribute is eliminated, and all three attack attributes—Slash, Strike, and Shoot—will deal a great amount of damage. Additionally, the Break state invokes things such as as enemies dropping rare items and flying-type enemies no longer being able to fly, so there are a variety of benefits.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana è sviluppato per PlayStation 4PlayStation Vita e al momento Falcom sembra non avere piani per portare il gioco anche in Occidente.

Fonte: Gematsu