Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Immagini e informazioni per Little Paro e Drifting Village

Falcom, anche questa settimana, ci delizia con nuove immagini e informazioni per Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana che ci mostrano Little Paro, un pappagallo molto loquace, e il Drifting Village. Questo nuovo capitolo della serie action RPG, ricordiamo, è attualmente un’esclusiva del mercato nipponico dove sarà disponibile nel corso di quest’anno su PlayStation Vita, mentre la versione PlayStation 4 sarà disponibile nel corso del 2017:

■ Sub-Characters

Little Paro (voiced by Naoki Tatsuta)

“I have lots to tell. So hand over the food.”

A moody parrot discovered by Captain Barbaros on the Isle of Seiren. He is taught the how to talk and while his language is broken, he makes the best of his ability to learn immediately and serves as a messenger between the people of the Drifting Village and Adol and company as they explore the island. Because of the way the castaways talk, he’s learning lots of strange vocabulary.

■ Keywords

Drifting Village

The Drifting Village is a place created by the castaways of the Isle of Seiren that takes advantage of the island’s natural terrain and wisdom. Under the leadership of Captain Barbaros and Dogi, with driftwood that washed ashore the beach and materials obtained on the island, houses necessary for daily living and defense equipment required to defend from monster attacks, as well as facilities that will help Adol as he explores the island are gradually built.

Drifting Village Before Development.

Drifting Village After Development.

■ System

[1] Development of the Drifting Village: Rescued Castaways Add to the Base’s Strength

While Adol explores the Isle of Seiren, which is the setting of Ys VIII, a base for the other castaways that wash ashore the island called the “Drifting Village” will be built.

In its initial stage, the nothing exists in the Drifting Village surrounded by rocks. However, with Captain Barbaros and Dogi at its core, a variety of equipment essential to daily living, such as bedrooms and bedrooms, will be built, and the village’s appearance will continue to change dramatically.

Additionally, as you discover castaways on the island, you’ll take them back to the Drifting Village and its number of inhabitants will increase. Each castaway has their own special skills and knowledge, and their joining the village expands functionality. This triggers various changes in the Drifting Village, including special events.

When the Drifting Village’s farm is completed, you can plant crops. The harvest will be available as food supply for the castaways.

You can also talk to your party members in the Drifting Village, including Laxia, Sahad, and others who accompany Adol.

Depending on what happens during your exploration of the island, the contents of the conversations with your party members will change. In addition to that, you may sometimes see a surprising side that goes against Adol…

[2] Support Event: Gather Up Castaways and Develop a New Exploration Route

A variety of obstacles that block Adol and company’s path exist on the Isle of Seiren, including huge fallen trees and rocks. Although it’s impossible for Adol and his party members to break through these obstacles alone, by rescuing castaways and increasing the amount of inhabitants in the Drifting Village, “Support Events” will occur. Using their power, Adol can remove these obstacles and develop a new exploration route.

—Example: Dogi helps remove a fallen tree.

A huge fallen tree blocks the path leading to a sandy beach. Adol, Laxia, and Sahad cannot move the tree, but by enlisting the strength of Dogi of the Drifting Village, players can remove the fallen trees and proceed to the sandy beach.

Little Paro also helps. When a new route is unlocked via a Support Event, the messenger parrot Little Paro flies around the area and will tell Adol and company about the location.

The event points in the area will be automatically put on the map when you receive the information from Little Paro, which will be a big help when you start exploring the new area.

Fonte: Gematsu