Warriors All-Stars – Un nuovo trailer mostra il Setsuna Clan del gioco

Quest’oggi abbiamo la possibilità di ammirare ben due trailer dedicati a Warriors All-Stars. Dopo quello pubblicato in mattinata da Koei Tecmo, ora il publisher nipponico ne mostra uno presentando il Setsuna Clan.

Questo Clan vanta al suo interno i seguenti personaggi:

Kasumi, Honoka e Marie Rose di DEAD OR ALIVE
Arnice & Christophorus di Nights of Azure
Laegrinna e Millennia della serie DECEPTION
Nobunaga Oda di Nobunaga’s Ambition
Rio di Rio: Rainbow Gate!
Setsuna, personaggio originale creato proprio per Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars tells the tale of heroes from different worlds and times summoned to a mysterious land at the brink of destruction, after a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king’s passing. The young princess, Tamaki, follows the legend passed down by her people to summon the champions and lead them to restore the spring, but her power spirals out of control and scatters them across the domain. Tamaki sets out to seek their aid in retaining the throne, but has to work fast as her rivals, Setsuna and Shiki, descendants of the royal family, also wish to claim the kingdom for themselves. This rivalry causes the heroes to split into three separate groups and forced to fight on opposing sides.

The extensive battle system of Warriors All-Stars aims to encapsulate each champion’s unique charm and identity while augmenting the Warriors franchise’s trademark one-versus-thousands style with exciting new additions. For example, players can recruit up to four Warriors to fight alongside them and execute special attacks such as the thrilling Musou Rush, which can be used to rally support and clear the surrounding area of any opposition. Unique Hero Skills are also on offer, allowing players to summon a chosen ally and deal a special attack to enemy forces, or to provide defensive support in tight situations. Some Hero Skills can be used in tandem to create Combo Skills – a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, players are able to call upon their allies during combos and chain attacks to inflict even greater damage! Hero Combos are executed at the end of a successful offensive sequence, uniting allied Warriors to unleash a synchronised attack that wipes out waves of oncoming foes, and Hero Chains link multiple Warriors together for powerful attacks while allowing the player to individually control any of the summoned heroes. These attacks increase the relationship between party members and in turn strengthen their abilities. Fighting alongside allies will also improve the player’s offensive and defensive capabilities by increasing Brave Rating. Once a player’s Brave Rating is at a high enough level, impressive Awakening Skills will be unlocked, which unleash a forceful barrage of attacks onto anything in its path.

Warriors All-Stars sarà disponibile dal 1 settembre su PCPlayStation 4.